In Horrinth you will suddenly become possessed by a demon while testing a house on paranormal activities. You’ll find yourself in a Labyrinth symbolic for your possessed ‘subconscious’. To stay in actual control you have to keep ‘breathing’. The illusive power of the demon and the player’s anxiousness to survive full possession will collide in battle. Only certain Labyrinth areas can temporarily take you back to reality to quickly prepare your exorcism.




The House

This modern suburban house is suffering from paranormal activities. When roaming the house you will find lots of testing and measurement equipment lying around. When reading for heavy activity or in case of demon intrusion, there are many tools at your disposal to perform an exorcism. These are found throughout the house. Warning: It is highly possible you will be taken over by a demon while performing these tests.


The Pentagram

Essential to the exorcism ritual you have to draw a large pentagram in the house. To get the advantage on the demon, you have to place the pentagram in the most paranormally ‘active’ room. The Pentagram consists out of five open areas and need specific items placed on the right spot to have the exorcism ritual ready. In the subconscious Labyrinth world, only the Shrine can tell you if your item placement is done right.


The Labyrinth

A subconscious world where two entities are set out to battle for the physically speaking body. You will have to keep breathing to beat the hostile demon to the punch for actual control. The demon will try to use the power of illusion to trick you and gain more and more control. The ceiling of the labyrinth will drop each time you fall for one of his illusions. A completely lowered ceiling will result in you losing the battle and the demon will consume your soul, in which case there will be no turning back.


The Shrine

A large mythical statue at the start of each Labyrinth sequence, showcasing your progress of the exorcism ritual. The Shrine will tell you if you are close to finishing the preparation. When the ritual is ready, the shrine will open as the only way out of this subconscious labyrinth world symbolizing the exorcism of this demon.


The Hourglass

Escaping the demon’s grip on your sub consciousness temporarily is essential to prepare your exorcism. Only Hourglasses scattered in rooms throughout the Labyrinth will provide this ‘reality’ access back to the house for a short time. Hourglass rooms are rigged with complex puzzles and illusions to protect these leaks. Only those with sharp minds will be able to reach and use the Hourglass. To active an Hourglass portal, you simply hold your breath when you stand in front of them.